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Kickin’ It Old School with a Landline

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Linsey Knerl on June 29, 2020

Find Your Internet - Kickin' It Old School with a Landline

Just about everyone has a mobile phone these days, so why would you need a landline? Here’s why it might pay to reconnect—old-school style.


Having an old-fashioned landline handset that’s not connected to power ensures you have a way to communicate during a power outage. Cell phone towers are often congested during weather emergencies or other wide-spread events, making it impossible to get anything but a busy tone when calling for help. Those with hardwired phones can place calls without power—and get through to help when cell phone users may not be able to.


One major perk of a landline is that anyone inside the home can use it, especially older adults and younger children without their own mobile phone. It’s available when needed, and no one has to ask to borrow a cell phone or wait for it to charge.

In the event that a small child needs to place an emergency call from your home, could they? Mobile phones have passcodes to crack and apps to navigate. A hardwired phone with 9-1-1 programmed on an emergency button gives the caller a better chance of getting the call through.


While you can call 9-1-1 from any kind of phone, landlines (or “hardwired” phones) are superior in a few ways. They’re connected to the emergency grid for your municipality, letting the authorities know your exact address without you having to tell them. In busy urban areas, cell phone users may have their calls routed to a state patrol or highway police dispatcher. This call then needs to be routed again to the local authorities. Landlines can cut through some of the back-and-forth that’s common for more populated areas, saving you precious time when it matters most.

Is a Landline for You?

You might be a landline candidate if:

    • You have small kids
    • You care for a senior family member
    • A member of your household deals with a serious chronic illness
    • You live in an area with spotty cell service
    • Natural disasters are common in your geography

If any of these scenarios apply, you may sleep better at night knowing you have a reliable landline phone connection. Don’t forget to ask your phone and internet service provider what bundled discounts they might offer for this service—you could get this add-on for far less than you might expect.

Linsey Knerl

Find Your Internet - Compare offers from the top Internet and TV providers in your area all in one place.

Linsey Knerl is an online/print journalist and corporate content writer with experience in small business, consumer tech, HR, senior health, and women’s health verticals. She is passionate about making even the most complex B2B and B2C concepts accessible for all readers. With an active social media following of over 22K on Twitter, she is committed to helping clients with all steps in the content creation cycle, from initial planning stages to promotion via social media. Linsey is also the social media chair of the ASJA.

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