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Lighten Up Your Move: 19 Funny Tweets About Moving

Team FYI

Team FYI on June 24, 2020

Find Your Internet - Lighten Up Your Move: 19 Funny Tweets About Moving

If I never had to move again, I’d be okay with that.

It’s THE WORST. Packing up every drinking glass, bottle of shampoo and winter coat. Carrying your 10,000-pound dresser up and down tight stairwells. Finding trucks. Coercing your friends (enemies?) into schlepping your life’s accumulations to a new location.


Thankfully, Twitter provides some sweet comic moving relief. Check out these 19 funny tweets about moving.

Remember that tight staircase?

Here’s one way to avoid the stairs.

Or you could use the window…

Third option: just power through those stairs.

Learn from this mover: don’t pack your phone charger.

Might not want to pack your entertainment, either!

Here’s a good case for clearly labeling your boxes. #RIPshoes

And I don’t mean this kind of box labeling.

This guy took the sting out of transferring medical and school records.

Everyone needs a friend like this for their next move…

…because the rest of your friends are like:

I’d choose the pillows, too, Joey.

Couldn’t afford the U-Haul rental?

This guy couldn’t either.

This guy had no truck at all.

Avoid flying appliances. Hire moving professionals.

This guy was really committed to holding onto that piece of furniture. Ouch!

Why do we always assume the unpacking part will be easier than the packing and moving part?

When it’s all said and done, it’s time to do your own little happy dance.

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