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Moving to Portland? Grab Your Rain Gear and Find the Nearest Brewery

Find Your Internet - Camryn Rabideau

Camryn Rabideau on July 3, 2020

Find Your Internet - Moving to Portland? Grab Your Rain Gear and Find the Nearest Brewery

If you’re not afraid of a little rain, Portland, Oregon is a wonderful place to live. The City of Roses is known for beautiful parks and ample bicycle paths, as well as its eco-friendly way of life and proudly quirky residents. However, there are a few things you need to know before moving to Portland if you want to embrace all that the city has to offer.

It Rains for More Than a Third of the Year

It’s common knowledge that Portland is a rainy city, but you might be surprised by just how frequently the skies are gray. On average, the city experiences precipitation 154 days per year—and that’s no typo. You’ll want to invest in some high-quality rain gear if you’re moving to Portland.

However, there is some good news. It doesn’t snow much in Portland, so you won’t have to shovel your car out of a snowbank. And in the summer, sunny days are simply gorgeous, making up for the long winter mist season.

Salaries are Lower, But There’s No Sales Tax

If you’re moving to Portland from a larger city like New York or San Francisco, you might be surprised to find that salaries in Stumptown are on the lower side. The average yearly income in the Portland area is around $58,000, and some of the most common industries in the area are nonprofits, technology, health, and sports.

The silver lining is that Oregon is one of only five states in the country that doesn’t have sales tax. So go ahead, buy that new car and save yourself a pretty penny.

Portland is known for its eccentric residents—like the Unipiper, who rides a unicycle and plays the bagpipes while in full costume—as well as its quirky attractions.

Break Out Your Bicycle

Nationwide, only 0.5% of commuters ride bicycles to work, but in Portland, an impressive 6.3% of commuters get around on two wheels. The city is proud to be a cyclist-friendly destination, with 385 miles of bikeways built as of 2017 and close to 100 more planned.

Not confident about your biking skills? The Portland Bureau of Transportation offers a variety of free biking classes that will refresh your knowledge of biking rules, help you learn the best routes around the city, and connect you with like-minded individuals in your new city.

Housing Prices are on the Up-and-Up

Portland’s population has been on the rise in recent years—sources say the city welcomed more than 8,000 new residents between 2018 and 2019—and this surge has led to a spike in housing prices. Currently, the median home value in Portland is around $460,000 and trending upward.

The good news is that renting is more affordable, with the average apartment costing around $1,500 per month.

3 Cheers for Craft Beers

If you love sipping on a locally brewed IPA after a tough work day, Portland will be just your speed. The city is home to around 70 microbreweries, including popular establishments like Hair of the Dog Brewing Company, Ecliptic Brewing, Culmination Brewing, and more.

If beer isn’t your thing, the city boasts numerous craft coffee shops, micro vineyards, and food trucks, so you’re sure to find something your palate likes.

Keep Portland Weird

Portland is known for its eccentric residents—like the Unipiper, who rides a unicycle and plays the bagpipes while in full costume—as well as its quirky attractions. For example, the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium is a whole museum dedicated to “oddities,” including weird, creepy, and gross exhibits.

Other must-see hidden gems in Portland include the spooky stone Witch’s Castle and The Grotto, a 62-acre Catholic shrine and botanical garden. You should also put the Shanghai Tunnels on your to-do list. These underground tunnels once connected basements of several bars and hotels and were used for all sorts of illegal activities.

Pro Sports are Limited

Sorry, sports fanatics, but Portland doesn’t have professional football, baseball, or hockey teams. However, it is home to the Portland Trail Blazers, which are part of the NBA, as well as the Portland Timbers, a professional soccer team. And if you really need a football or baseball fix, you can always drive up to Seattle to see a game—it’s only a few hours away.

Welcome Home

As you can see, the City of Roses is a unique place to call home, and if you’re moving to Portland, you’ll find plenty to do in your new city. Just remember to pack a raincoat!

Camryn Rabideau

Find Your Internet - Camryn Rabideau

Camryn Rabideau is freelance writer specializing in fashion, beauty, home, smart technology and general lifestyle content. She holds a degree in fashion merchandising from the University of Rhode Island and jumps at any opportunity to combine her love for fashion and writing.

Camryn is a regular contributor to popular media sites such as Martha Stewart, Food52, InStyle, Taste of Home, USA Today,, The Spruce, Elite Daily and The Everygirl. She has also worked with several Fortune 500 companies to create engaging articles for their content marketing initiatives.

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