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Best Internet Providers in Dallas

Team FYI

Team FYI on July 3, 2020

Find Your Internet - Best Internet Providers in Dallas

Moving to Dallas? As you start to get settled in your new home, you’ll want to make sure you choose from the best internet providers in Dallas so that you can learn about all of the cool things to do in your new city.

There are many things to juggle when you’re relocating to a large city like Dallas. Murphy’s law seems to be at work even if you’re a to-do-list rockstar (crashing in a sleeping bag on the floor that first night isn’t too far-fetched!). No matter what happens, you’ll want to make sure you have the right internet, cable TV, and/or phone service set up. These services will not only help you feel at home (WiFi, anyone?)—they’ll also help you stay connected so you can troubleshoot any moving issues quickly and enjoy a smooth transition to your new pad.

But with the many options available, choosing from the internet providers in Dallas can feel like you’re literally getting tangled up in cables! Here’s what you need to know to find the right plan for your needs.

Overview of Services from Internet Providers in Dallas

Almost all of the residents in the Dallas area can get cable or DSL internet service. Meanwhile, over half of the area also have access to fiber-optic internet. The providers, internet types, and speeds you can choose from will depend on your ZIP code and address.

Cable internet transmits data through a cable television network through a coaxial cable. DSL stands for digital subscriber line and transmits data over a telephone network. Meanwhile, a fiber-optic connection transmits data through plastic or glass wires as light waves.

Internet service providers with the highest availability in Dallas are Spectrum, AT&T, and Frontier. All three provide standalone internet plans or internet plus cable TV and digital home phone bundles. These bundles offer significant savings and the convenience of consolidating your bills.

How To Select the Right Internet Plan In Dallas

When selecting an internet service, you should balance availability, speeds, and price to find a plan that makes everyone in the household is happy (you don’t want to be competing with Junior’s gaming habit when you’re trying to host a video conference from your home office).


      • For browsing the internet or streaming music, you may not need to pay for a very high-speed connection (e.g., 5 Mbps is enough). If you’re streaming HD video and/or gaming frequently, you may need a faster connection (e.g., 20+ Mbps). Meanwhile, for simultaneous gaming and HD video streaming on multiple devices, look for a high-speed connection that’s 40 Mbps or higher.

      • You’ll need a higher internet speed if you have multiple household members using a number of devices to access online media simultaneously. For example, 20+ Mbps is sufficient for HD streaming and gaming by 2-4 people and 40+ Mbps is recommended for simultaneous HD streaming and gaming by 4 or more household members.

      • If you work from home and need to download and/or upload large media files (e.g., videos) you should get a plan with the highest speed available in your area to minimize interruptions and frustrations. In addition, check both the upload and download speeds to make sure they meet your needs.

      • To access the internet while you’re out and about, look for providers (e.g., Spectrum and AT&T) that offer free WiFi hotspots throughout the city to their customers. Hotspot availability often correlates with the provider’s coverage in an area so some neighborhoods may get better service than others.

Frontier’s internet plans start at $29.99 per month for up to 50 Mbps. AT&T’s plan starts at $40 per month for up to 100 Mbps. Spectrum’s plan starts at $44.99 per month for up to 100 Mbps. If you’re a heavy user, consider getting a plan with no data cap (e.g., Spectrum) to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Should I Get a Home Phone Service?

“Landline” phone service seems to be going the way of the dinosaurs (have kids these days even seen a landline telephone?). And as more people are ditching the “landline” in favor of their cell phones, you may wonder if you need a home phone service when you move to Dallas.

Almost the entire Dallas area has good cell phone service, and you can check your wireless provider’s coverage map to confirm the availability in your neighborhood. However, a home phone service is more reliable and delivers better call quality, so it’s great for those who work from home and/or tend to be on the phone a lot.

As an alternative to a traditional landline, most internet providers in Dallas offer home phone service via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as part of an internet service bundle, which also allows you to save more. These plans often include unlimited calling within the U.S. and low rates for international calls.

Will Moving to a New Apartment Complex Limit My Internet Options?

Some new apartment complexes are pre-wired for internet with a selected Internet Service Provider (ISP). While this can be convenient for some tenants, it can also be limiting for others, especially if you have specific requirements that the preferred ISP’s services don’t cover.

While it’s possible to set up a different ISP with a new line, you should verify whether it’s allowed by your lease before you do. Also, some apartment complexes include internet service as part of the rent so getting your own line means you may end up paying twice for internet access.

Home Sweet Home

Yes, finding and setting up services for your new home is just one more thing on that to-do list. But the good news is that there are many solid choices for internet, cable TV, and home phone services. Check out the best options for internet providers in Dallas that are available in your new neighborhood.

Want to avoid the hassle and wasted time spent individually going online or calling each internet provider available in your area? Use the free FindYourInternet shop-and-compare tool to easily search available offers at your home address.

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