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Best San Diego Internet Providers in San Diego

Find Your Internet - Compare offers from the top Internet and TV providers in your area all in one place.

Linsey Knerl on July 3, 2020

Find Your Internet - Best San Diego Internet Providers in San Diego

Welcome to San Diego! If you’ve just moved, you’re probably already enjoying the sunny weather and nearby beaches. However, soon you’ll want to also enjoy all of your favorite devices with high-speed internet. Fortunately, San Diego has a wide variety of service options to choose from, regardless of your location and household size. Here’s how to pick from the best internet providers in San Diego for your tech needs.

Services from Internet Providers in San Diego

San Diego is a large city, with several suburbs that may be served by the same service providers. But before you shop around for the best offer, get your full street address and zip code ready. Some of the services available to your neighbors may not be available to you just yet. Some of the more up-and-coming offerings, such as fiber and 5G, are still rolling out to new areas. But what may be out of reach today could be in your neighborhood tomorrow!

How can you get high-speed internet? Most consumers will stick with one of the following:

      • Fiber: Provides the fastest speeds, up to 1GB
      • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): Delivered through lines similar to your telephone
      • Cable: Connects via a coaxial cable; great for watching cable TV
      • 5G: Uses signals over radio frequencies

For those in rural communities outside of San Diego, satellite would be ideal. Fixed-wireless is another option, catering to anyone with a line of sight to a tower.

The average full-length HD streaming movie uses between 3GB and 7GB of data per hour. Therefore, if you have a data limit of 500GB a month, you’ll soon use up your monthly allowance by bingeing your favorite show.

Finding the Best Internet Providers in San Diego

As a top provider in most major metro areas, AT&T currently offers 1GB speeds with a cable bundling package that includes expert installation and access to the National AT&T Hot Spot network. Connecting in various public places will help limit the amount of data you use, and there are hot spots all over town. AT&T leads the industry in connectivity with its Smart Home Manager, giving you a way to set up guest networks from your home and monitor connections from your mobile device. DSL is also available to San Diego residents through AT&T.

If cable is more your speed, there are two major providers in the area to choose from: Spectrum and Cox. Spectrum starts at 100 Mbps cable internet, with no data caps, a free modem with security software, and access to their WiFi hot spots. If it makes sense for your lifestyle, you can add cable or phone in a bundled deal.

Cox has more cable internet service levels to choose from, with a starter package with up to 10 Mbps and no annual contract. Pay more to access speeds of 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, or even 940 Mbps. Data caps are currently 1TB per month, although you can buy more data if needed.

What Speed and Data Caps Do I Need?

How do you know which internet package is right for you? You could choose solely on price, but there are two other major considerations you should include in your decisions.


Internet speed describes the total amount of data you can upload or download at once. Most casual internet browsing takes between 1 and 5 Mbps, but online gaming and streaming HD movies could take up to 20 Mbps. Double or even triple that amount if you have several users in the home who want to use the internet at the same time or are working from home. For multiple high-speed users in a home, consider Fiber, which offers speeds of up to 1GB. For more detail on selecting the right speed for your home needs, check out this article.


The average full-length HD streaming movie uses between 3GB and 7GB of data per hour. Therefore, if you have a data limit of 500GB a month, you’ll use up your monthly allowance before you’ve even finished bingeing your favorite show. Consider how your gaming and streaming lifestyle would be limited by a data cap, and look for a service that gives you what you need. Find out what will happen if you go over your limit. Will the provider slow speeds? Charge extra fees? Cut off your service? Get these details straight before you sign on, and you’ll be able to pick the internet service that best fits your needs.

Home Sweet Home

Relocation can be stressful, but having the right plan picked out before you move from one of the best internet providers in San Diego, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Want to avoid the hassle and wasted time spent individually going online or calling each internet provider available in your area? Use the free FindYourInternet shop-and-compare tool to easily search available offers at your home address.

Linsey Knerl

Find Your Internet - Compare offers from the top Internet and TV providers in your area all in one place.

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