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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

That depends on your area. Different areas have different Internet providers, different speeds, and different offers, so the only way to accurately determine what Internet you can get in your area, is to search for Internet deals at your address. We’ll then show you what Internet you can get in your area, and you can shop and compare the offers, to find the best deal for you.

To determine which Internet providers are available in your area, use our search tool to see all the Internet offers available at your address. Every Internet provider has different serviceability—meaning they are available in different cities, and states—so to find out exactly which Internet providers are available where you live, you need to search for Internet at your address.

The best way to find Internet providers in your area is to enter your address in our Internet search tool. We’ll then ping the Internet providers in real-time, and they’ll let us know immediately if they offer service at your address. We’ll then present you with all available Internet deals, for you to shop, and compare offers in one place.

Choosing the best Internet provider typically involves a number of factors: 1. the Internet providers that are available in your area; 2. the Internet speed you need; 3. the price you’re wanting to pay; and 4. the contract term you’re looking for. The first step is to search for Internet offers at your address, by entering your address into our Internet Search tool. We’ll then show you the Internet providers and offers available at your address, and from there you can filter by speed, price, and contract duration. Based on those factors, you can determine the best Internet provider, and offer for you.

Fiber Internet is short for Fiber Optic Internet, which is Internet that runs on fiber optic technology. Fiber Internet works by way of fiber optic cables, and they are long, thin glass strands that are light and flexible. Because of those attributes, fiber optic cables tend to deliver faster, more reliable Internet. Fiber Internet is the latest Internet technology, and is considered the most advanced transmission technology currently available for high-speed Internet in your home.

Fiber-optic Internet is most likely available in your area, as it’s now widely available across the United States. Fiber Internet is considered the latest and greatest Internet service type, and for good reason—Fiber Internet is fast, offering speeds over 1 Gigabit in many areas. To find out for sure if Fiber Internet is available in your area, use our Internet Search Tool to find all the Internet deals at your address.

Right now, Fiber Internet is widely considered the best Internet available, but that’s certainly open to debate. Fiber Internet uses a network of fiber-optic lines, which are very light, flexible glass strands, allowing for very high speeds. Satellite Internet is also considered an excellent option, and satellite Internet is much more widely available, so for a lot of the nation, satellite Internet is the favorite choice. In most cases, DSL Internet is now considered the old-school option, but that said, DSL Internet can still be great in some instances. Ultimately, it comes down to what Internet types are available in your area, and your personal preference.

If you’re looking for the best Internet deal, you’re in the right place! We have partnered with Internet service providers around the country, so that we can show you all the Internet deals available at your address side by side, for you to compare, price check, and find the best deal for you. Simply enter your address into our Internet Deal finder, and we’ll pull all the Internet deals from each Internet provider’s database to show you all the deals available in your area.

Internet providers usually have deals on Internet going on all the time; the deal itself just changes by the month, or seasonal promotion. Internet providers are always competing with each other, that’s why they offer special deals on Internet that you can take advantage of. Each Internet provider offers its own unique deals, sometimes that includes a Gift Card, the first few months free, a discounted price, or a way to lock in a low price for life. It all depends on which Internet providers are available in your area, and what their current specials are. To help you find the best Internet deals at your address, we have partnered with the most popular Internet providers in the nation to show you the Internet deals in your area on a single search.

The best package deal for cable, Internet, and phone right now depends on which Internet providers are available in your area, and the current promotions they’re offering. To find out the current deals on cable, Internet, and phone packages, you’ll need to search for deals at your address, and then compare the available offers, looking for important factors such as speed, price, and contract term. Often providers have special deals if you purchase a bundle, so you could also find bonuses for purchasing package deals, such as gift cards, or free premium channel subscriptions, to sway you toward one particular deal.

Look no further—we are your one-stop-shop for finding the best cable and Internet deals. has access to the best offers in your area, and shows you available packages side by side, so you can shop and compare offers to find the best cable and Internet deal for you. Simply enter your address in our Shopping Tool and we’ll present you with your cable TV and high-speed Internet options in one click.

Speed FAQ

To find out what Internet speed is best for you, you need to take two main things into consideration:

  1. What do you use the Internet for?
  2. How many Internet-enabled devices do you usually connect to the Internet at once?

If you just use the Internet for browsing social media, checking emails, and surfing the web, and you only connect one or two devices to your home WiFi at once, then speeds under 25 Mbps could work fine for your needs. On the other hand, if you frequently use the Internet to stream and game, and you also connect multiple devices to your home WiFi at once, then you likely need a speed over 100 Mbps (heavy gamers prefer 1 Gig Internet.) And if you’re somewhere in between, Internet speeds between 50 Mbps and 150 Mbps are pretty standard and inexpensive these days, and work well for the majority of the nation.

The fastest Internet in your area could well be over 1 Gig, as many areas in the nation now have fiber-optic lines that support very fast Internet speeds. Each area has different Internet providers, with different Internet packages, so the fastest Internet in your area will depend on where you live. To discover the fastest Internet available at your address, use our one-stop-shop tool to compare all Internet offers available, and filter by speed.

1 Gig Internet is very fast—it’s the speed of 1000 Mbps! With Internet speeds that fast, you can stream, game, and connect multiple devices to your in-home WiFi at once, without experiencing delays or buffering. 1 Gig Internet is ideal for the heavier Internet user, who wants the freedom to connect at the speed of lightening.

The Internet speed you need depends on how you use the Internet, and how many devices you connect to your home WiFi at once. Nowadays, the average Internet user who connects two to four Internet-enabled devices at a time, and streams music and videos, prefers at least 50 Mbps. Lite Internet users who connect one or two devices, and are just using the Internet to browse and check email and social media, can get away with speeds of 25 Mbps or less. Heavy Internet users, such as gamers, and households that connect many devices to their in-home WiFi at once, and like to stream live TV without being slowed down, typically prefer speeds closer to 1 Gig. To find great deals on high-speed Internet, browse Internet Deals in your area to see what Internet packages are available at your address.

The Mbps Internet speed you need isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer—the answer is specific to your Internet needs, and usage style. If you just use Internet to check email and browse the web, then speeds under 25 Mbps could work well for you, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are a heavy Internet user who likes to stream and game, then speeds closer to 1000 Mbps (1 Gig) would be better suited to your needs. The other component that affects how much Mbps you need for your home Internet is the number of devices you connect to your home WiFi at any given time. The more devices you connect, the more Mbps speed you’ll need.

Price FAQ

The cheapest Internet service for you depends largely on where you live in the country, and which Internet providers are available at our address. Cox Communications and Windstream Communications both offer Internet packages as low as $19.99 per month, and that’s typically the cheapest Internet deal available. Many other Internet providers, such as AT&T, Spectrum, and Rise Broadband, offer plans with decent speeds in the $30 range. To find the cheapest Internet service in your area, you’d need to compare Internet deals at your address.

Internet pricing in your area could start as low as $19.99 per month, but will depend on the speed you select, as well as the contract term you choose. Lower speeds, such as 25 Mbps and under typically cost less, while speeds up to 1 Gigabit are usually between $65 and $150 per month. Some Internet providers have no contract terms on their Internet packages, while others offer a promotional discount for the first 6 or 12 months, and then charge a higher fee for the duration of the agreement. Because there are many different speed options and term packages available, the best way to determine how much Internet is in your area, is by browsing Internet Deals at your address and comparing packages side by side.

Internet only per month depends on what Internet packages are available in your location, the speed you select, and sometimes also the duration of contract you agree to. Current Internet pricing ranges from $19.99 per month, to over $150 per month, based on the Internet package you select. It can sometimes be more expensive to get Internet only, than to pair Internet with another digital home service, such as cable TV. To find out the exact cost of Internet only at your address, start by Finding Internet Deals.

The cost of Internet per month can range from as low as $19.99 to over $150, and varies based on three main factors: 1. your location, 2. the Internet package speed, and 3. the duration of the Internet package. Location matters because depending on where you live, different Internet offers will be available. Internet speed matters because if you choose a lower speed, such as 25 Mbps, you will likely pay less than if you choose 1 Gig Internet. Duration of Internet package matters because usually if you agree to a longer contract term, the price per month is cheaper. Because of these variables, the best way to find our exactly what Internet costs per month in your area, is to browse actual Internet offers at your address.


WiFi works by way of radio wave transmission. The radio waves send signals between devices, so for instance your modem will send signals to your Internet-enabled devices, allowing you to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

Your WiFi speed should be close to the speed advertised on the Internet package you purchased. In most cases, WiFi speed is a little less than wired Internet, because it works through radio transmission, however it should really be at least 80% as fast as what was advertised. Unfortunately, other factors affect WiFi speed, such as busy usage times, heavy streaming, and the number of devices you connect to your home WiFi network at any given time. Typically to get a great WiFi speed that doesn’t slow you down, you probably need to shop for an Internet deal that offers speeds slightly higher than you think you want.

The cost of WiFi depends on the Internet package you select. WiFi is typically included with your Internet package, and Internet packages range in price from $19.99 per month to over $150 per month. The price of Internet depends on the speed you select, as well as the contract term you choose. Higher Internet speeds typically cost more, while longer contract terms can save you money. Ultimately, the cost of WiFi depends on the Internet deal you select.